Puerto Rican Nunez: Our serves carried us today


Coach Juan Carlos Nunez giving instructions in the third and last set against Colombia

San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 21, 2016 – Puerto Rican coach Juan Carlos Nunez said the good service game was the key for the victory of Puerto Rico over Colombia and the fact they were able to neutralize Madeleine Montano, the main offensive force of the South American team.

Juan Carlos Nunez, coach of Puerto Rico: This is fantastic. Our game plan was executed perfect. We had to come with a good service game and we did it. We blocked well and for moments we stopped (Madeleine) Montano. We were playing a do-or-die match. Tomorrow we play for the ticket to Rio but that’s a road we need to transit.

On the reserves players
It was important also the contribution from the reserve players. Today, they won the important second set with Natalia Valentin serving a good rally. She brings spark to our game when we are trailing. The reserves have to do their job and they delivered today.

About the match with Kenya
I am taking everything in calm. The crucial game is tomorrow. That’s the big one that will send us to Rio. Kenya is dangerous rival and we need to have a good defensive game against their high jumpers and strong attackers.

The keys of the victory
The serves and blocking have been the keys. Our reception can be better. That’s the characteristic of our team, even at a world level we are a team with good passing.

Yarimar Rosa, captain of Puerto Rico: I am very glad with the victory. We did what we had to do. Now we are almost there. We need to win three more sets. I really don’t understand yet what we just did. All the sacrifices, injuries have been rewarded. I can’t describe the way I am feeling now.

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