Puerto Rican Nuñez credits role of reserve players


Natalia Valentin is the second setter of Puerto Rico and she shares duties with starter Vilmarie Mojica

San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 20, 2016 – For Puerto Rican coach Juan Carlos Nuñez the era of key players in his team is over giving way to depth and reliability, saying reserves from the bench are as important as the starters.

Juan Carlos Nuñez, coach of Puerto Rico: It was important to have a good start and get into rhythm we did many things well and there are some others that need to be improved. For me is very important the good rhythm and that’s why I used all my players because at the end the reserves are the ones who win the crucial matches.”

On Colombia team:
“The style of Colombia hasn’t change since the last time we scouted them in January. They have a couple of important attackers but I think the reception is part of their weaknesses. We need to locate our serves and try to neutralize those offensive players.”

Yarimar Rosa, captain of Puerto Rico: I am very glad with the first victory. It was important to put anxiety behind us. There are some little details like our reception, but we are six sets away from the main goal. All the players are in good volleyball shape but we need to work as a team and improve the communication.”

Belacel Mohamed, coach of Algeria: This is a very young team of players from the universities preparing for the next Olympic cycle. It was the first time we faced Puerto Rico but now we know better for the future.”

Safia Boukhima, captain of Algeria: Puerto Rico is stronger than us and their superiority was evident. We will continue working hard to give our best in the upcoming matches.


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