Guillaume predicts an even better game from Montaño


Coach Eduardo Guillaume praised the talent of veteran Madeleine Montaño

San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 20, 2016 – Eduardo Guillaume, the Argentinean coach of Colombia, predicted her star player Madeleine Montaño will be better against Puerto Rico tan she showed facing Kenya in her first match of the competition.

Eduardo Guillaume, coach of Colombia: That’s not the Kenya team we are used to. They seemed affected by the change of time. We dominated since the very beginning and it boosted our confidence. We had a good game for us and we are glad about it. Now our mind is focused in tomorrow’s match against Puerto Rico.

On Montano’s performance: Madeleine is an impressive player. She does things you don’t see often in a volleyball court and tomorrow she is going to be better.

On the match against Puerto Rico: We have a strategy and now we need to check some videos and transmit calm to our players and ensure they come in with good mentality.

Maria Marin, captain of Colombia: We did what we had to do. Our serves were potent and carried our game. It was a good day but now we have to prepare for tomorrow’s match.
On the match against Puerto Rico: We are used to play outside of Colombia. In most of the South American tournaments we have to play with the fans against us. So it is nothing new for us.

David Lungaho, coach of Kenya: We hope to improve. We want to play better tomorrow and also against Puerto Rico on Sunday. The most important thing is to improve our game.

Mercy Moim, captain of Kenya: “We have done our best, this is our first match and Colombia is a good competitor. We are still affected by the change of time since now is three in the morning in Kenya. We didn’t have time to adjust.


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