Guillaume – It was tough to find motivation


Colombia played mostly with reserve players and still won over Algeria

San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 22, 2016 – Colombia came out winners against Algeria in straight sets but coach Eduardo Guillaume admitted it was a very difficult match after the loss to Puerto Rico in a crucial match on Saturday night.

Eduardo Guillaume, coach of Colombia: We were not in a comfortable mood after losing last night and with our objective out of reach. It was tough to find the motivation to play but they were able to play well and win the match. To me that’s something positive.

Maria Alejandra Marin, captain of Colombia: We knew we had to win today and in three sets and we did it. The rest for us is to continue working hard.

Belacen Mohamed, coach of Algeria: Today we played mostly with the younger players to give them the experience. I have to congratulate them for their effort. For them it was a satisfactory experience playing against a strong team like Colombia.

Safia Boukhima, captain of Algeria: The coach took the decision of playing the young players and they did their best. It was a good effort from their part.


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